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The Amababy Stroller Warranty

The Amababy Stroller Warranty applies to our range of strollers including the Amababy Swift Jogging Stroller, Compact Travel Stroller and Duo Twin Stroller.

What it covers?

The limited warranty for Amababy Strollers covers manufacturing defects excluding defects caused by:

Improper use
Wear & Tear
Improper Storage Conditions
How do I become eligible?

Using the form below, register your stroller within 6 months of your purchase.
Ensure your purchase is a brand new Amababy Stroller. Strollers purchased as 'like new', 'used' etc will not be eligible for the warranty.

How do we correct problems?

During the Warranty Period, If possible, Amonev Ltd will repair or replace, at no charge, parts of a product with damage caused by manufacturing defects. Where it is not possible to repair or replace those defective parts, Amonev Ltd will either offer a replacement stroller or a full refund.

How long does coverage last?

The Warranty Period for Amababy Strollers purchased lasts 2 years starting from the date of your purchase. Replacement strollers or replacement parts will have an extended warranty of 2 years from the date the replacement was issued.

What Next?

Fill out the form on the next page and within a few days we will reach out to you to confirm your registration.